About myself

KMoore Consulting LLC


Developing opportunities for increased renewable fuel and Chemical usage in domestic and global markets.

our Mission

Provide comprehensive technical support in the development of renewable fuels and chemicals.  

Engage Federal and state agencies

for beneficial treatment of renewable fuels and chemicals in regulation such as Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Transportation and National Conference of Weights and Measures.

Provide technical service collaboration for renewable fuel and chemical producers by establishing a national fuel quality forum to discuss fuel quality issues and best practices. 

Develop educational resources for commercial and production personnel.  

Develop solutions to overcome market barriers to the adoption of renewable fuels and chemicals.  Assistance to include working through transportation and compatibility and applicability issues, working diligently with regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Underground Storage Tanks, State Fire Marshals, state underground storage tank agencies, equipment manufacturers and standards developing organizations such as Underwriters Laboratory, Petroleum Equipment Institute, Steel Tank Institute, etc.

Kristy Moore is a leading authority on motor fuel quality, regulatory, safety and environmental aspects, specializing in renewable and alternative fuels and chemicals.  Kristy is well-known and respected throughout the industry for her depth of knowledge and expertise. Her prior work experience includes both wet and dry milling corn production for Archer Daniels Midland Company.  She has extensive knowledge of the Fuel Alcohol industry, as well as the Beverage and Industrial Alcohol industries.  Kristy Moore was most recently the Vice President of Technical Services for the Renewable Fuels Association, the national trade association for the U.S. Ethanol Industry where her primary focus was the commercialization of higher level ethanol blended fuels.

While at the Renewable Fuels Association, she also co chaired the Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition, a diverse group of interested parties dedicated to the development of ethanol safety information for the first response community.  The mission of the EERC is to enhance the knowledge, capability and readiness of operational emergency response agencies to effectively respond to fires, spills and other emergencies involving ethanol and ethanol blended fuels.

She is an active participant in ASTM International by chairing the E48 Bioenergy and Industrial Chemicals from Biomass main committee which includes subcommittees on Biomass Conversion and Sustainability.  She is a regular contributor to the committees E60 Sustainability, D02 Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels and Lubricants, and D22 Air Quality.   The Committee D02 recently awarded Kristy the Award of Excellence in recognition of her valuable support of Subcommittee A Gasoline and Oxygenates by providing information on ethanol fuels and for the perspective she brings on the fuel quality interests of the ethanol industry. Kristy also chairs the Mid-Level Ethanol Blends Task Group, International Trade Task Group, and the MTBE Task Group.  Kristy is also a member of SAE International, a global body of scientists focused on self-propelled vehicle and system knowledge.   Kristy was recently the Secretary of the National Conference on Weights and Measures, Fuels and Lubricants Subcommittee. 

Ms. Moore holds a Chemistry degree from Illinois State University.